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Last Christmas in our current place

For the last 7.5 years, we’ve been living in this Art-Deco era apartment in Midtown Toronto and I feel like I’ve adopted more of a grown-up decoration style over the years. In early 2022, we’ll be moving to a bigger place (in the building next door!). Although I don’t do a lot of decorations for Christmas, I thought I would post what our little Christmas décor looks like this year in our home.



Since we don’t have a Christmas tree, we tuck the gifts (stacked on a picnic basket) in a corner of our dining room
I wish I could keep those real Magnolia leaves on my dining table all-year long
Our mini (mini)-bar area
Because a Rosemary Tree and Stem and Leaf clementines scream the holidays so much
Added a bit of greenery in the Entry too!

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